You are looking for some support? You need help? It is normal! Sometimes, we need a fresh look on things or someone to offer a different viewpoint on a situation. Discover our Coaching Programs…3 possibilities to work on different topics. Qualified R-each coaches will support you along the way.

You would like to change something in your life but you don’t know where to get started. It is totally normal! Of course, you are the actor of your life but having someone by your side is sometimes necessary to succeed

Your coach will help you to clarify what you want, and how to get it. He or she will ask you the right questions and will help you find the relevant solutions.

  • We work by themes: Self-Confidence, Find Meaning, Motivation, Time Management, Deal with your emotions, Build healthier relationships.
  • Every theme is a necessary skill to master to be the actor of your life.
  • Each of these themes are stand alone but can be worked on in one complete package: the Leadership Program.
  • We have 3 basic formulas: 3, 5, and 10 sessions.

If you want to know more about our coaching programs, please send us a mail with the form hereunder  or give us a call at +32 (0)487 377 800

Looking forward to meeting with you!

Pierre-Yves helped me to overcome some mental blocks that had kept me from living my life with passion. The few questions he asked unearthed the big reasons that was keeping me away from moving strongly towards achieving my life goals. His coaching has inspired me to succeed in implementing plans that will manifest the life that I truly desire. Thanks for the leg-up

Aravin Nair

Owner and Director, Lingopicto Language School

If you are looking for a coach both friendly and efficient, don’t look any further…You have found him…! Pierre-Yves quickly identified the mental blocks that where creating me problems and found the words to help me overcome them. He helped me to get moving again…

Sophie Cautaerts

Coach in training, Own

I had the opportunity to meet Pierre-Yves in Grenoble and I was facinated by his kindness. He is able to actively listen to you to dig into your motivations, your aspirations, your dreams and your ideal life. It was one of these encounters I will remember long.

Michel Cezon

Coach en Entrepreneuriat ICF, Mediateur CMAP