Outstanding events that help people of your network to succeed…While having fun!


If in your network you have people who:

  • Want to build a new professional or entrepreneurial project
  • Are in a personal transition phase
  • Have to choose what to study

The R-each Out events are a unique opportunity for them to review and rebuild their vision of their future…

It is new, it is powerful, but most important of all…it is fun!



After a preparation of their project with people from our staff, the participants will have the opportunity to spend the rest of the event as the person they want to be in 3 years time.

For the participants, it is a powerful way to:

  • Boost their creativity
  • Build a motivating vision that truly energizes them
  • Bring their communication skills to a higher level

For the people who don’t know what they want their future to be…it’s ok, we take the time to coach them build their vision.



Based on proven psychological mechanisms like Positive visualization and Neurolinguistic Programing, seeing yourself in your project or manifesting your dream allows your mind to find the best ways to achieve your vision.

The people of your network experience their success before it happens for real… It is the best way to make it happen…


I met a guy able to upload myself in my own future… Able to make me generating a clear vision of my ‘desired business’ and to settle appropriate emotions to make it happen! If you want to live powerful inside experience, I strongly recommend you to get in touch with Pierre-Yves. Your future will love him ;o) Enjoy!

Nicolas de Vicq

Consultant, Business Coach, Speaker, Mindstep

« It was a great experience…It allowed me to ask myself the right questions. It gives me more self-confidence especially when I am working with my clients … and they feel it!»

Quentin Geubel

Business Development, ELITE PARTNERS

« Everybody played the game…It was a great success and many participants got great new ideas on how to boost their business… »

Giovanni Salvo

Owner & Client Director, Masterplanevents


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Discover our philosophy, our values, the atmoshpere of our events and listen to what the participants say about their experience with us…


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Your network will love you for it!