More than 1 person out of 3 would like to start up a business or change his/her profession. But only 5% actually do it! You are a coach or a support person and some of your clients struggle with self-confidence and don’t get ahead as much as they would like. We offer a new method and new tools based on the “act as if” principle. In our R-each Out events, we invite the participants to imagine themselves and live as if they were 3 years from now

Coaching of entrepreneurs

Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we offer invaluable support to candidate entrepreneurs in 1on 1 sessions. We know what we are talking about because we are in the trenches day in day out!

Entrepreneurs like our “no-bullshit” talk and find the motivation and the tools to keep going…

Workshops to develop the entrepreneurship skills

For candidate entrepreneurs, this is an opportunity to reflect on the why’s and the how’s of their entrepreneurial projet, get to know other entrepreneurs and get real insights on what it really is to be an entrepreneur.


To support your clients or your network when they:

  • Want to create a new professionnal or entrepreneurial project
  • Are in a life transition
  • Look for a study orientation

The R-each Out events invite the participants to live an unforgettable moment… It is new, efficient and fun!

‪Pierre-Yves has been one of the best coach that I’ve ever had in all the coaching sessions that I’ve held in order to pitch in front of investors. Apart from helping during the “official” session, he has been giving me support and motivation. So thank you Pierre-Yves, for your professionality and your familiar attitude. From my experience, I can say that it is indeed important to have so high talented people in order to connect with enterpreneurs, since they need all your best suggestions and energy to reach results at the end of the day.

Óscar Hernández

CTO at VR·EMO and CEO, Idus Learning‬