If you agree that:

  • To win in the market place companies need to innovate
  •  Status quo and playing it safe won’t work anymore
  • Employees have to be (re)engaged
  • Intrapreneurship and creativity need to be stimulated
  • Management strategies have to be reviewed
  • Stress is present and needs to be addressed

 Then R-EACH FORWARD is for you !

We invite you to join our 12-month program to :

  • Get your employees to actively innovate and create the project of your company
  • Get the edge on your competition through innovation
  • Allow all employee to find his/her place in your structure
  • Learn a new and efficient approach to planning
  • Have fun and commitment for at least 12 months

To do so, we use 2 VERY IMPORTANT KEYS:

  1. We invite the employees to submit their ideas and we select the best of them. Innovation and strategy is happening more Bottom Up than Top Down
  1. We use the efficient but underused principle of « act as if »

Even if it feels akward at first, once the projects are selected, and designed, they are presented as already achieved. This allows the employees to use their creativity to the fullest

The EVENT : organised with, serves 3 major purposes :

  1. Gather your teams together
  2. Motivate them to succeed
  3. Get everybody onboard of your strategy

We invite you to celebrate success even before it happens!

I had a chance to meet with Pierre-Yves at JCI the Heart of Europe where he gave motivational workshop for young people. His approach and enthusiasm contributed to this life changing experience in many career starters life. 
I worked with him as well during a project at FEE where he greatly contributed to our event’s success. He is very dynamic and positive, wakes people up from their daily thoughts and encourages them to step out of their comfort zone. He is very flexible and willing to adapt to ones needs. It was a great pleasure to work with him!

Katinka Meszaros

Event Coordinator at FEE, Federation of European Accountants

I have had the opportunity to attend a workshop with Pierre-Yves Hittelet. He transformed my way of approaching my business. He helped me to visualize where I wanted to go with my company in a way that every time I wake up in the morning, I see it in my mind. Every month when I review my business, I just have to see this image in my mind again and I know where to go and what to do. Many months after this workshop, I see the results as Pierre-Yves also has the ability to force you to be creative and to find ideas to move forward in a very pragmatic way…

Pierre Pivont

HR Director, Self Employed

Pierre-Yves Hittelet is a visionary. He will make sure you create a compelling vision for yourself.

Dr.Dominique Dock

Senior Physician, Mayfair Doctors London

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